Gong Camp Europe 2024

May 15th – 22th 2024
Quinta São José dos Montes – Tomar, Portugal



The oldest Gong Camp in North America, featuring the world’s most complete Gong advanced training syllabus, is now coming to Europe with a fresh and exciting format!


What is 9Ways Gong Camp?

In a nutshell, this program is about ‘everything Gong’, and your relationship with it. An intensive week of Gong studies examining its historical roots, therapeutic benefits, metaphysical dimensions, various types and styles of Gongs, accessories, extensive practice exercises, and much more.

Led by Mitch Nur, PhD, one of the main authorities in Sound Work and Gong culture worldwide, this inaugural European edition features a plethora of remarkable ingredients that will make it a must-attend event for anyone serious about Gong playing, and as a plus, a blissful and celebratory gathering in the beautiful Portugal.


Gong Camp Euope Powerful Mix:


 Stellar Instructors: Learn from internationally-acclaimed Gong artists, scholars and creators including Mitch Nur, PhD, Mike Tamburo, Thomas Orr Anderson, MA, Xin Yong, Suzie Price, Madhava Carrara, Margherita Cioffi, Mallika Paritosh, MA, Anika Petrovic, and more to be announced!

Intensive Practice: Immerse yourself in a minimum of 6 hours per day dedicated to exploring the sonic universe of the Gong. From drones to attacks, the essential use of sound and no sound, to the use of the Gong’s frequency domains as a psycho-acoustical entry point for shifting consciousness.

✨ Advanced Academic Instruction: Each day, we will cover a theoretical aspect of Gong studies, ranging from its origins to the instrument’s physics. The tuition is led by esteemed members of the 9Ways Academia Faculty.

✨  Embodiment, Active Meditations & Energy Practices: Often overlooked in Sound Work programs, each morning, Mallika & Gopal will lead bodywork sessions to open the bodies of Sound Workers to higher levels of awareness, fluidity, and receptivity to the other aspects of the program.

State of the Art Gongs: You’ll have the chance to practice on some truly exceptional Gong Art pieces and a variety of gong types.

Chillout in Nature: Take in during the program the magnificent natural and historical setting of Quinta São José dos Montes, with its beautiful gardens, animals, saltwater swimming pool for relaxation, and one of Europe’s largest lakes just 5 minutes away!

Performances & Celebration: Experience magical evenings filled with dance, celebration, rituals, live performances and an unforgettable Closing Ceremony!


Check the website event to get all the information and register: