Private Sessions

I don’t consider myself a healer or a life coach. I just have an unstoppable passion for creating safe, beautiful and creative spaces where people can find themselves more calm, centered and blissful, and I am happy to share my curiosity and love for knowledge and arts with whomever can find a benefit from it.

Below, you will find some different types of sessions, but we can combine them together in a single one or create a series of encounters according to your needs, schedule and willingness to explore. Due to the current circumstances, some sessions can be held online. Contact me to find out together if it is possible.

Sound Private Sessions

Since I was a child, the image of a room full of instruments from all over the world, flooded with sublime fragrances and soft cushions, was my notion of paradise.

At the Sound Temple that I have currently created in Berlin, I spend many hours playing, researching, marvelling at the 50+ instruments that fate gave me the joy of finding.

In this sacred space, I offer individual sessions where, guided by my intuition and presence, I try to create a soundscape that allows the person to trigger a process of relaxation, self-healing, awareness or whatever is necessary in each particular circumstance to find their center, where their untouched, unwounded, blissful essence nature resides.

From the tinkling of the little bells that a shaman gave me in Peru at the age of 16, to the magnificent sounds of the symphonic gongs that have been with me since very recently, each sound, and, above all, the silence from which they all emerge, is an invitation for the mind to stop its frenzied activity, for the body to relax completely and for our subtle bodies to free themselves from what is not necessary and regain their harmony.

Some instruments you will find in my sound temple:

* Strings: piano, violin, koto, monochord, monolina, tambura, harp, lyra, guitar, gopichand.

* Gongs: symphonic gongs, planetary gongs, wind gongs, Tam-Tams.

* Winds: traverse flute, bansuri, Dizi, quena, quenacho, overtone flutes, sikus, horn, clarinet, baroque flute, Turkish flute, Peruvian whistles, bird whistles, ocarinas, Native American flutes, Shruti box.

* Bowls: ancient Himalayan/Indian metallic bowls, crystal bowls.

* Percussion: shamanic drums, bombo legüero, caja chayuera, djembe, guiros, slit drums, African, Ibo Ceramic drums, rattles, glockenspiel, handpan, rainmakers, thunder drums, ocean drums, cymbals, wind chimes, Jewish harp,

* Sound Therapy: tunning forks, energy chimes, bar chimes, Koshi chimes.

* Bells: Tingsha bells, Tibetan bells, Burma bells, Tree Bells, Body Bells.

* Nature: Dry leaves, drops of water, seashells, stones, bamboos and whatever treasure I find between my hands.

Meditation Private Sessions

Once we open the portal of Meditation, it is difficult to come back to a life without these privileged moments with the core of our being and in connection with everything.

If you have never meditated, I can guide you in your first steps and choose the type of meditation that best suits your personality or physical and/or emotional condition at the moment, among the types of meditation in which I have been certified and have practiced for many years.

However, sometimes before being able to engage in a meditative practice, we need to speak and to be heard to give expression to our emotions and recurrent thoughts that don’t allow us to be in the present moment. In this cases I can offer you a space of compassionate listening and creative problem solving, which is something that I love to do.

Some of my favorite meditation techniques:

* OSHO Dynamic Meditation
* OSHO Kundalini Meditation
* OSHO No-Dimensions Meditation
* OSHO Gurishankar Meditation
* Traditional Tantrik Yoga Meditations
* Shamanic Drumming
* Non-Duality Meditation
* Conscious Dance
* Art Meditation
* Mantra Meditation
* Gibberish Meditation
* Tandava
* Kirtan
* Zazen

Arts / Creativity Private Sessions

My Meditation teacher, Prashantam, gave me the name Mallika, which means “Gardener”, and certainly there’s nothing that makes me happier than nurturing the seed of art and creativity to flourish within a person!

The ability to express ourselves artistically through words, sounds, movements, colors, shapes and so many other mediums is present in every one of us.

From my experience, I can say that there are no people who are “off limits” to dance, or music, or any other art. You just have to give yourself permission for this innate impulse to flourish and shake off millennia of taboos and family and social conditioning about what art is or who is an artist.

In Italy, I facilitated a music session for young quadriplegics, some of whom could only move a finger or their eyes, and the musicality they showed me was a great lesson for me.

Here are some arts and topics that we can explore together:

* Spontaneous Poetry
* Creating a picture book
* Piano Creativity lessons
* Sound Work lessons
* Drumming and Dancing
* Theatre Improvisation / Clown / Neutral Mask work
* Creating your own clothes
* Body Painting
* Creative problem solving for Entrepreneurs

Learning Private Sessions

If you are also passionate about philosophy, mystery schools, ancient cultures and other fascinating systems, schools and lineages, I can offer you my guidance in the areas I have researched.

Finding the way to explain complex things with beautiful synthesizing graphics is one of my dearest hobbies!

Here are some fields we can explore together, either succinctly, in a single session, or I can create a personal course about one or more of these topics:

* Ancient Indian Philosophy – general –
* Ancient Western Philosophy – general –
* Ancient Tantra Philosophy
* Western Occultism
* Shamanism
* Mayan Calendar
* Taoism / I-Ching
* Human Design
* Sound Work History

As a certified Living Your Design Guide, I can help you to discover your body graph and live your design in accordance with this amazing system.