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I am a poet, a philosophy scholar, a musician, a sound worker, a meditation and tantra facilitator, a writer of children’s books, the CEO of a company and so much more. I believe living is an art form, and I am definitely an eclectic artist! Mallika means “Gardener”, and certainly there’s nothing that makes me happier than nurturing the seed of peace, compassion, creativity and joy to flourish within a soul.

My Story

I was born in San Telmo, a passionate neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Tango was born and Muses love to hang out. Maybe that’s why I have always been enchanted by the invisible things: stories, melodies, cosmogonies, rituals, silence.


My stepmother taught me to play piano at 4 years old. Later, I graduated in Classical Piano and Music Education in the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires and today I play more than 40 instruments and have become a certified sound worker. The latest instrument I’ve fallen in love with is the Japanese Koto.


When my parents asked me, “What would you like to be when you grow older?”, I answered: “A philosopher and a writer”. They were displeased for just one day and then lovingly accepted my decision (I will always be grateful for that).


As a Philosophy scholar, dazzled by the great master Abhinava Gupta, I research in ancient Tantric Philosophy, in particular Kashmir Shaivism, which I consider the most refined Darśana of Eastern Philosophy. My enthusiasm for meditation went beyond the theoretical level, and I later became a Tantra Practitioner and a facilitator of OSHO Active Meditations.


After a very long road trip around the world, I realised I had not dedicated enough attention to the cultural treasures of my own land, and I needed this root knowledge to be grounded in a particular place on this Earth. I went back to Argentina and studied for another career connected with Cultural Heritage, and embarked on a 15-year course of research about the native cultures of my land and South America, learning from shamans and amazing native artists.


Literature is another ocean in which I have always liked to dive. I am a poet and a writer of children’s books, some of which have been translated into more than 12 languages. I had the joy to be in contact with numerous young readers from different countries in book presentations and literature festivals, and one day I realised that children are my greatest masters.


Today, I am still fascinated by the invisible thread between sounds, words and silence, how they melt into the other, how they enter into dialogue together, how they all seem to be just the same mysterious, glorious source of existence.

My Paths and Teachers


Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cultural Heritage, University of El Salvador, Argentina.

Tantric Indian Philosophy, Oxford Center for Hindu Studies, UK.

Ancient Tantric Philosophy, with Christopher Wallis, PhD, Tantrika Institute, USA.

Kashmir Shaivism’s teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo, Lakshmanjoo Academy, USA.

Foundations of Non-Dual Tantra, with Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan, Embodied Philosophy, USA.

Goddess Traditions & Early Tantra, with Laura Amazzone, Embodied Philosophy, USA.

Matricultural Eyes, Max Dashu, USA. 

Tantric Shaivism, Christopher Tompkins, USA.

Living Your Design, with Adrián Gleizer, International Human Design School, USA.

Rave’s ABC, with Ila Zadrozny, International Human Design School, USA.

Rave’s Cosmology, with Ila Zadrozny, International Human Design School, USA.

Living Your Design Guide Professional Certification, with Ila Zadrozny, International Human Design School, USA.


Osho Active Meditations Facilitator Training Course, with Luis Martín Santos, Osho Aprender Meditación, Spain.

Classical Tantrik Yoga (Kaula Lineage), with Daniel Sol, Brisbane. Australia.

Recognition Tantra, with Alok Samadhana, France.

Tantric Feminine Essence Training, with Shakti Malan, Shakti Shiva Academy, USA.

Light My Fire Meditation Program, with Prashantam, Italy.

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, with Anand Rudra, Spain.

Shamanic Dancing, with Daniela Hils, USA.


Sonic Theology – Metaphysics, with Mitch Nur, PhD, Kalpana Parekh and Howard Barry Schatz, 9ways Academia, USA,

Sonic Theology – Acoustics, with Mitch Nur, PhD, Alexandre Tannous, and Thomas Orr Anderson, 9ways Academia, USA

Dig Deeper Series – Sonic Wisdom, various teachers, 9ways Academia, USA.

Gong Practices, Sequences, Patterns, with Mike Tamburo and Thomas Orr Anderson, School of Gong, USA.

Sound Healing Professional Course Level 1 and 2, with Chase Trellert, Medicine of Sound, USA.

Group Ceremony Facilitator, with Chase Trellert, Medicine of Sound, USA.

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls Practitioner Course, with Doris Delessard, France.

Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instruments), with Tony Nec and others, Sound Healing Academy, UK.

Level 2 Diploma in Sound Healing: Group Work, with Tony Nec and others, Sound Healing Academy, UK.

Singing Bowls and Gongs for Meditative Sound Baths, with Ann Martin, USA.

Theory of Sound Healing, with Simone Vitale, Italy.

Sound Medicine, with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, Embodied Philosophy, USA.


Piano and Musical Education, National Conservatory of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Native SouthAmerican wind instruments, with Carlos Cepeda, Peru.

Bombo Legüero and Native Percussion, with Daniel Tejeda, Argentina.

Traditional Native Singing, with Miriam García, Argentina.

Andean Percussion, with Jesús Duarte, Bolivia.


Native Dance, with Juan Saavedra “El Bailarín de los Montes”, Argentina.

Traditional dances of the Andes, with Amanda Mamani, Bolivia.

Tango, with Carlos Copello, Tango Escuela Carlos Copello, Argentina.

Folk Dance, with Guillermo “Kuly” Gomez, Argentina.

Contemporary Dance, with Heléne Deschamps, France, 

Free Movement and Meditation, with Suprapto Suryodarmo, Indonesia.


Fantastic Literature, with Agustín Romano, Argentina.

Poetry, with Isabel Arnaud, Argentina.

Picture Books for Children, with Valeria Docampo, France.

Cinematographic Scriptwriting, Guionarte Scriptwriting School, Argentina.

Poetry, Fuentetaja Creative Literature School, Spain.

Creative Writing and Children’s Literature, Fuentetaja Creative Literature School, Fuentetaja, Spain.

Theatre Improvisation, Clown, Theatre and Silence, with Jean-Luc Boch, Sandrine Gelin and Marie-Émilie Nayrand, Compagnie Le Voyageur Debout, France.

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