Group Sessions

In contact with others, we encounter ourselves. In the garden of community, we blossom. The synergy produced by collective artistic, spiritual, recreational and educational experiences always leads us towards something greater: a higher level of knowledge and awareness.

In the group sessions that I create and co-create with other facilitators and artists, I am subtly guided by the wings of Beauty, the mystery of Collective Synergy and the desire for each participant to get in touch with something deep within their being, and contribute the magic of that discovery to the event.

Multidimensionality, multidisciplinary and creativity are three keys that I discovered to be highly effective to create a powerful group experience. I love to melt together colours, sounds, perfumes, concepts, space, words, movement, nature, symbols, textures, and, of course, the unknown and the unexpected.

Sound Group Sessions

Some sound group session modalities that I offer:

* Meditative concerts

* Sound Baths / Gong Baths

* Shamanic Sound Journeys

* Live music for rituals / conscious dance

* Yoga Nidra

* Kirtan


Some creative sound sessions I have developed over the years:

Poetical Sound Journey
In this experience, two streams of vibration and signification enter into dialogue together: poetry and sounds. The third element is contributed by each participant, who will create yet another stream of signification and experience by how these stimuli dialogue with their own body, mind and soul.

Sound Circle Concert
Everybody is able to play every instrument! In this session, the participants are lead to go beyond the taboos and false beliefs about their musical abilities and feel the joy of participating in a totally improvised (and always perfect!) group concert.

Meeting in the Soundscape
The invitation of this session is to increase our awareness of the soundscape that surrounds us, in order to ultimately discover that there is no separation between ourselves and the sonic vibration of everything that exists. In that space, we can discover how we can contribute our Beauty and Uniqueness to the collective soundscape, and thus establish deeper relationships with the others.

In the Events section, you can find the description of other sessions that I have created, but what I enjoy the most is to create a group session from scratch, specifically intended for each particular event!

Meditation Group Sessions

Some meditation techniques I facilitate for groups:

* OSHO Active Meditations

* Vipassanā Meditation

* Transcendental Meditation

* Shamanic Drumming

* Non-Duality Meditation

* Zazen

Some meditation techniques I have created over the years:

The Face in the Mirror
Using obsidian stones, mirrors and colour body painting, this meditative practice inspired by the rites of passage of ancient cultures is an exploration of our true self, beyond the masks.

Tribal Power
This energetic active meditation session aims to reconnect with the ancestral dances, music and rituals that are still encoded in our DNA. Once we touch what is created at the center of the tribe gathering, we unlock an infinite source of power, compassion and sustenance.

You can find more creative Meditation sessions in the Events section.

Tantra Group Sessions

Some common group Tantra meditation techniques I facilitate:

* Traditional Tantrik Yoga Meditations

* Tantric Breathwork

* Creation of the Sacred Space

* Circle of Consent / Polarities

* Yogini’s circles

* Tantric Dance / Tandava

* Tantra-Shamanism connections

* Tantric rituals / Bhakti


Some sessions I have created over the years:

Tantrik Sound Massage:
Based on the teachings on the Tantrik lineage of Spanda, I have created this technique of massage for couples where there is no touch involved, only the vibration of sacred instruments. The amazing discovery is that the experience is generally 200% more powerful than a traditional Tantric massage!

The Fabric of Life
Using a 30-meter elastic fabric that is in constant contact with each participant, this collective group movement session invites us to explore the connection of our body and emotions with the whole.

The Empire of the Senses:
Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy, this session explores touch through the uses of ancient Japanese brushes, silk, body painting, symbols and the sacredness of the body.


Some Tantra sessions I have co-create with Prem Gopal:

Come as you are!: An introduction to Tantra based on the three Tantrik keys.

Summer vibrations: An invitation to discover our body as an ecstatic stream of energy.

Power Solo: A solo journey into the non-dualistic view of Tantra.

The Chakra Spectrum: A journey into the technology of the chakras.

The Loving Touch: A multidimensional experience through the dimension of touch.

The Shape of Love:An intensive weekend workshop to discover the amazing aliveness of our physical and energetic body and how we can engage that vitality in the contact with others.


You can find more creative Tantra sessions in the Events section.

Arts/Creativity Group Sessions

A session dedicated to art, creativity and spontaneity must be unexpected and spontaneous too! In fact, each session leaves me with a bunch of seeds for new ones, thanks to the contribution of the participants and the absolute magic that is generated in each meeting.

Nonetheless, here are some session structures that have been especially fulfilling and which I have repeated regularly:

Leap, and the Net will Appear
This session is about finding yourself again and again, and more and more at ease, in that space in which something has just ended and we are about to start something totally new and unknown. Although many times we feel that is as chilling as jumping into the void, this experience will show us that it is precisely there that the source of our creativity, joy and freedom resides. The session is organized into different collective improvisation sets where different techniques and materials are used, such as theater, masks, sounds, spontaneous poetry, group dance, etc.

Talent Show
What is the wonderful thing you have to share with the world right now? That is the question that guides this Talent Show night, in which each participant dares to shine and share their gifts with the community. When asked that question, some people answer that they can’t participate in a show because “they are not artists”. Others immediately say that “they already know what they’re going to do”. The intention of this event is for everyone to go beyond their comfort zone and dare to show something authentic, new, fresh and unique about themselves. We all have something wonderful to share! It can be a story, the sound of your voice, something you have learned told in an unexpected way, you sensuality, you vulnerability, your groove, your drag queen/king, and so much more. In the context of the festival, this night can be prepared some days in advance with individual artistic coaching sessions.

You can find the description of more Arts/Creativity Group sessions in the Events section.


Finding a simple, beautiful and fun way to explain complex philosophical and spiritual systems is one of my passions. In the context of a festival or a multi-day event, a conference on an important topic or related to the general theme of the event can provide participants with clarity about what they are experiencing in the festival and a space where they can express their doubts and questions.


Here are some topics for which I can create a conference. In every case, I always try to make it as interactive as possible using audiovisual material, group dynamics, etc.

* Ancient Indian Philosophy – general –

* Ancient Western Philosophy – general –

* Baruch Spinoza’s Map of Emotions

* The Tantric Lineages

* Tantra and Neo-Tantra

* The 36 Tattvas or Levels of Reality

* The Spanda-karika (The Stanzas on Pulsation)

* Roots of Shamanism

* Native American World Maps

* The Mayan Calendar and The Law of Time

* Human Design Introduction

* Sound Work History

* Sound Therapy Introduction

* The Mysticism of Sound